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Collage Craft Compendium

£26.20 EX VAT

This Collage Craft Compendium contains a stunning collection of items in a large Gratnells tray.

Contains; Acrylic Jewels, Pony Beads, Matchsticks, EVA Foam Shapes, Wood Chippings and much more.


Craft Fluffs White (WSL)

£2.89 £2.28 EX VAT

These Craft Fluffs White are ideal to use for many craft projects. Use as they are, or unroll to make clouds, animals, Easter chicks, beards etc.


Remnant Yarn (WSL)

£3.39 £2.50 EX VAT

This Bag of Remnant Yarn is excellent for art and craft projects and weaving.  Pack contains assorted lengths and sizes of 100% acrylic yarn in various bright and earthtone colours.